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  • 30 Jan 2019
  • (CET)
  • 31 Jan 2022
  • (CET)


  • Group in charge of ERION topics, focus and programme. Must be or become EARMA members. Help in organising, moderating, marketing events and looking for suitable speakers.
  • Regular member of the community

EARMA Ethics and Research Integrity Officers Network (ERION)

By completing this application, you confirm that you want to join the EARMA ERION Thematic Group.

This means the following:

You want to be added to the online community platform SINAPSE.

You want to be an active member of the ERION community.

You have a practical role or implementation role in Research Ethics and/or Integrity or are otherwise interested in the practice of these topics in Research Performing and/or Research Funding Organisations.

You realise that this community is not about research in, policy on, philosophy about Research Ethics and Research Integrity but about the practical and implementation side of Research Ethics and Research Integrity. Research, policy and philosophy are of course of great interest but the main focus of the group is to impact the day-to-day working life of its members.

No ERION member has any formal or informal mandate within EARMA and cannot represent EARMA or the group unless after prior and specific consent of the EARMA board.

Personal data:

Your e-mail address, name, affiliation (organisation) and country will be shared with the participants of the ERION group. Please note that there is a minimal screening of people entering the group and signing up to the SINAPSE platform is only possible after an invitation by the administrators.

We will share the aforementioned details with suppliers for the practical purpose of events for registration, dietary requirements and avoidance of media material to be gathered by those not wishing to be photographed or filmed.Those suppliers will not be entitled to keep this data or spread it.

You will be contacted using this data for matters related to the ERION group but not the regular EARMA news. Please sign up for our newsletter should you wish to get all the news.

You may ask to delete or modify your details by doing so in the online platform or by mailing 

This is not an event but an application to join the ERION group. Acceptance of this application will be though an invitation to the community software SINAPSE.

More information about ERION:

Contact Borana at in case of questions.


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